THIS SUNDAY: Family Launch!
Join us in Redmond at 10:30a
(No livestream will be available.)

NEW ADDRESS: 17935 NE 65th St, Redmond, WA  98052

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After a sluggish start, the Seattle Seahawks are in the thick of the Superbowl race. Some people would say that this has been the strategy the whole time. With only two games between the Seahawks and a return to the Superbowl, the stakes are high and excitement on the Eastside is even higher.

I'm not here to say that church attendance across Seattle shouldn't drop 30-40% on Sundays with morning games, or that watching the game and skipping a gathering makes anyone a bad Christian. I am here to say that you can have your cake (or nacho dip, or chicken wings) and eat it too. If you're a committed Christian and committed football fan, then the simple solution is investing in one of these.

I'd like to present 3 big reasons you are better off DVRing the game and coming this Sunday for our Unexpected Jesus series (walking through the book of Mark) kick-off and cheering for baptisms.


Did you know that an average NFL broadcast is 3 hours and 12 minutes? Did you know you can watch a full NFL game on DVR in just under and hour? I don't know anyone that would sit down and intentionally watch 2 hours of commericals and random shots of football fans. You get to start the game when you're ready, and as long as you start it 2 hours after the official start time, you get to have a chunk of your weekend back. Commericals save their best for the Superbowl and so should you (Terry Tate, "office linebacker" is still one of my favorites).



Everyone knows that when you record the game, this requires entering "the bubble". No phone, no internet, no screens, no chances. The beauty of recording the game is that when your friends come with you to Doxa's gatherings, you share the camraderie of entering "the bubble" together. You watch each other's back for any possible spoilers. Waiting a couple of hours makes it even easier to rally the crew, sync everyone's schedules, and sit down together to watch Seattle go the distance.



This weekend, a few brave souls are going to enter the waters and say publicly that they want to follow Jesus the rest of their lives. This is no small thing. Making some noise and celebrating the miracle of salvation is fitting for the believer, and a great way for the family of Doxa to actually be family. I'd also add that the miracle of Jesus saving a single person is 1,000 times crazier than the Vikings missing a chip-shot field goal with 30 seconds left in the game. (I mean, that was crazy. Look at Michael Bennet's reaction below)


So there you have it. We'll be gathering at 9a and 11a like always. Walking through the book of Mark is going to be a fantastic time together, as we look at the unexpected things Jesus says and does, while growing in our love for Him and His people.

If you've recently started following Christ or maybe you simply never got baptized after you started a relationship with Jesus years ago, sign up to get baptized this weekend.  See you Sunday!