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Why Try a Pilot Missional Community?


Do you remember the first time you watched your favorite show? You got an idea of the story, met the characters, and tried to tell if you could see yourself wanting more.

Each week at Doxa you hear us talking about missional communities. Missional Communities are groups of family servant missionaries sent to make disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. The purpose of a missional community is gospel saturation; that every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed. In a missional community you live out the everyday rhythms of life together on mission to make disciples who will make disciples of Jesus.

That may sound lofty or confusing, but we're committed to making sure that everyone that calls Doxa their home church is connected relationally, growing in their relationshp with God, and living to serve and love people in their life that don't know Jesus.

It’s not rocket science, but it is real life, so it can get complicated.


A Pilot Missional Community is an 8 week journey going through the Saturate Field Guide, sharing personal stories, and helping one another identify, in community, how God has uniquely gifted each person to serve Him on mission.

We are (at the time of this writing) just eighteen months old as a church and most of us (myself included) are still learning how to do life in a missional community. That said, we start by looking at who Jesus is and what Discipleship can look like, which is foundational to any missional community life. But before we can move forward doing something, we need to know the why and how.

All of our behaviors are the result of what we believe about who God is as revealed through what God does, leading to what we believe about who we are, and therefore, what we should do. Jeff Vanderstelt, our lead and teaching pastor often reminds us, “you do, based on who you are. Being precedes doing.”

Pilot MCs look at the everyday rhythms of our life, the stuff we all do anyway and gets you thinking about how you can do those things with gospel intentionality…with missional focus…together.

To help us grow, we started Pilot Missional Communities all over the Puget Sound region so that, wherever you live, you can join one near you.

We call it “Pilot” Missional Community because, like a the first episode of a new TV series, you are testing out the concept and trying to learn more. You can’t script it all out or pretend to know all the twists and turns the plot will take. Real life is like that, and so is life on mission. Life on mission means following the Holy Spirit, together, as he leads you each day. If you have the courage to try it out, we can guarantee you will grow along the way.


There are two easy ways to try out a Pilot Missional Community group. You can email a leader based on region below, or sign-up online and we'll find a group that works for you.

Shoreline - Joan Neiman
Kirkland - Rusti Brookes
Sammamish - Dave Blanchard
Issaquah - Tyler Carey
Seatac - Josh Grimes

If you have any questions about how groups work, or want to start a new pilot group in your area, email our Missional Communities Pastor, Tim Patton here.