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Are You Empowered?

What power are we trusting in to do the work Jesus has sent us to do?

Being disciples of Jesus sent into everyday life together to make disciples is very hard. In fact, without Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible. That is why it is so important for us to gather together weekly to be reminded of the gospel, worship our King together, encourage one another and be sent out empowered by the Spirit. Sundays together are a big deal, family!

So, please join us this Sunday for Foundations #7: The Spirit-empowered Life, where we will learn together about how the Holy Spirit has been given to us to empower and enable us to experience Jesus working through us.

Be Encouraged- and Move at the Speed You Need

I also want to pause to encourage you. Many of you have been part of Community Groups that have loved one another very well through these last several months. Many of you are already on mission to one another and to others who don’t yet know Jesus. I have been very encouraged by many of your stories. You’ve done good work family and I’m so proud of you! As we work through the transition of Community Groups to Missional Communities, please continue to love one another well as you have been doing. There are some who are just getting started or are reforming your groups- don’t be in a hurry to try and do everything right. It’s OK for us to take our time and learn together how to be a family of servant missionaries sent as disciples who make disciples; a Missional Community. It will look different for every group as we are all learning together. Let’s all give each other lots of grace, and celebrate all that God has given us through this time. Thankfully there is grace for all of us because of Jesus! (Another good reason to gather together on Sundays – we need the reminder – I know I do!)

Celebrate: Meta Students Ministry Launch!

Another piece of good news that I wanted you to hear: We launched Meta, our student ministry, this past Sunday. I was there to witness Daniel Conway along with Kaila Roper and many others loving, leading and discipling our 6th – 12th grade students toward Jesus. They meet on Sundays at 5-7 pm at our Bellevue building. We’ve got some great students and loving leaders. Please join me in praying for them this week.

Membership at Doxa Church: Family Celebration on Tuesday, March 31

As a new church replanting from an existing body, we face some unique circumstances- one of these is the question, “How do I become a member?” As I’ve shared these past few weeks, we strive for all of us to align our hearts and doctrine through the key beliefs and commitments of the Foundations series, with the aim at the end to covenant together to become members of Doxa Church.

We are excited to announce that we will gather together the evening of Tuesday, March 31st, for our Family Celebration and membership commitment to Doxa Church!

On March 29th I will review the prior 12 weeks and walk us through what it means to commit to being a member of Doxa Church- then, on March 31st we will gather together for a family celebration, to prayerfully commit to membership and begin this journey as a new church.

I hope you will join us on this important night as we commit to a future together. If you’ve missed any of the teachings, please make it a point to watch our past videos here: www.vimeo.com/doxachurch


We also want you to have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions about what commitment to Doxa Church means. You can do this in your Missional Communities, with an elder, or on Sundays after the gatherings at our 1pm Sermon Discussions. Also, this Sunday we are hosting a MC Leaders Sync that is open for MC leaders, group members or anyone interested in hearing more about Missional Communities and what commitment to Doxa Church entails- join us at 1p in the auditorium.

I believe we have a very exciting future ahead, and I hope all you join us in seeing Jesus glorified through his church on mission in the everyday, on the Eastside and beyond!

See you on Sunday,


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