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Blessed To Be A Blessing


Hello Doxa Family!

Yesterday we learned about how God has blessed us with his resources so that through us, he might bless others. I have to admit, yesterday may have been the most encouraging Sunday yet with you all! I was weak and in need of prayer and encouragement and you surrounded me with more than enough to meet my need. Clearly God blessed you, so that he might bless me through you, family. Thank you so much for your care and ministry to me.

I also was encouraged as I heard many people share how it felt like I had been “reading their mail.” The message seemed to have spoken very directly to where many were at yesterday. The truth is God does know what you need and oftentimes directs my words to specifically address you. His Spirit is so good at doing that and I am so blessed to be one of His mouthpieces.

Which brings me to another encouraging story. One of the young married couples from Doxa shared how God opened up their mouths to share the gospel with one of their co-workers this past weekend. They were so encouraged to practice what we are learning together on Sunday and see God work through them. He wants all of us experience this. I am praying that you would, family!

As you go about your work, hang out with your friends, and gather together in groups this week, I want to remind you to steward God’s time, money, and resources in the way he wants. Think through how you can give him the best and first fruit of what you have. Make margin in your schedule and your budget to be generous with your time and resources. Here’s the message from Sunday in case you missed it.

Group Discussion Questions

In your groups, read 2 Corinthians 8:1-17 and consider processing through these questions together:

  • How should the example of Jesus giving us his life inform how we give?
  • Jeff spoke about “first fruits giving” and the principle of margin (Leviticus 19:9-10) to help us grow in generosity. How can we actively we apply those principles?
  • In what ways do we need to grow or change regarding our view of stewardship in regards to time, money and resources?
  • How can we help each other through encouragement and training to realign our schedules or budgets in light of the gospel?
  • Financial Stewarding Help, and How to Support Doxa Church

I hope to see everyone who is committed to Doxa grow in generosity this year as we more faithfully steward his resources. If you would like help or training in this area, we’re planning on offering this in the coming months- if you’d like to be contacted when this is available, please let us know at the Connect Desk on Sunday or by contacting us at [email protected] You may also use that email address to let us know if you’re interested in serving at Doxa by volunteering to help on Sundays or on one of the many service projects that are under way. And, if you’d like to partner with us financially in the work that God is doing here at Doxa, you can give a tithe or offering here.

Have a great and generous week!



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