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Church Scattered - New Sermon Series!

He is Risen!

This past weekend was amazing! We saw over 700 join us for our first ever Good Friday Services. I trust all who attended were deeply moved by the readings and music led by Kings Kaleidoscope. I know I walked away deeply thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. And then, we were blessed to host over 1200 people as we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday! I am so grateful for the numerous volunteers who gave hours and hours of their time for you, the body. Thank you, team!

I was so tired and satisfied after the Easter gatherings that I took a wonderfully restful nap. But even as I rested physically, I also found sweet rest in the resurrection reality of Jesus! I love how the 9 baptisms we celebrated together on Easter morning demonstrated over and over again why we can truly rest. As each person went down into the waters, we were all reminded that our old life of sin and striving was put to death with Jesus on the cross, and as they rose out of the waters we were reminded that cleansing from sin and new life in Christ is our new reality. I pray that the pictures of baptism continue to remind you that you can experience rest in the finished work of Jesus on your behalf as well.

If you were not able to join us, you can watch Sunday's message here. Make sure you also visit our Flickr page and see all of the photos of family and friends over Easter and Good Friday.

1 Peter Sermon Series starts this Sunday April 12 - Invite a Friend!
Please don’t miss this Sunday as we kick off our very first “book of the Bible” sermon series- 1 Peter: Church Everywhere. During this series we'll be walking through how to apply the truths of the Gospel to our everyday lives on mission together. Pray with me that the series will be theologically robust and practically helpful for us all. If someone joined you last week at our Easter gathering and enjoyed being with us, encourage them to come again this Sunday!

Questions for Missional Communities and Group Discussion
To prepare for the launch of the new series, spend some time reading through 1Peter 1:1-2 and discuss these questions with your family, friends, or with your Missional Community Group:
1. What has been your view of the doctrine of election? How has that affected how you live as a follower of Jesus?
2. Has your view of election been primarily about being chosen or being set apart for God’s work or both?
3. How does your sanctification inform your obedience?
4. What is the difference between being a people who go to church vs. a people who believe they are the church sent to the world? How should that change how we live and how does that affect how we live as a group?
(For further study on election read these passages: 1 Thess 1:4-5, Acts 13:48, Matt 11:27, John 6:37)

Staying up-to-date

Join Doxa’s online community! All members and regular attenders should join to get connected to life at Doxa Church through Church Community Builder [link to]. Once you're signed up, you can complete your profile, find groups, receive all churchwide and group-specific communication, and manage your online giving. Signing up is really simple: Submit the initial signup form HERE, and receive an activation link within 48 hours (be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see it). Sign in, complete your profile, and then check out the Doxa Church group calendar and messages. Be sure to also see this guide to learn the key features of CCB.

Ready to commit? If you want more information on becoming a member at Doxa Church and a link to the Membership Commitment Form, visit the Membership page.

Available now! Podcast or tune in to the entire Foundations sermon series is available to listen or watch here - or look us up on iTunes to get them downloaded directly to your mobile device.

Save the date for our Leadership Training Series, starting 4/19 from 1p-3p: Mark your calendars for our Leadership Training Series, held on the 3rd Sunday of every month. This training is for everyone – if you are an MC or servant team leader, want more information about Doxa, want to get connected to a Missional Community Group, or are looking to deepen your walk— this series is for you! This month focuses on the GIVE of the 4G’s: how to identify your gifts and best use them in serving the kingdom. If you’re looking for how to get connected and use your gifts and skills at Doxa, Jeff will share the vision for serving, and we’ll have specific areas to get you plugged in.

Looking forward to diving into 1Peter with you on Sunday!


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