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Commissioning Parents

Twelve and a half years ago, I remember opening our car door and buckling June into her car seat for the very first time. We’d just checked out from the hospital and were being sent home...all by ourselves. I couldn’t believe they would just let us leave with her. We had no idea what we were doing!

Since that first day in parenting, and with two boys added to the mix, we’ve felt that same way many times. Just when we were starting to feel like we had parenting figured out, we would enter a new phase with new challenges and new possibilities. And now we’re on the threshold of a new season, learning what it means to parent a teenager. It’s exciting and scary at the same time, and we constantly feel like we’re in over our heads.

One thing has become very clear to us over the years: we could not do this without our church family. Our church has walked with us through each phase of parenting, through significant life changes, through hardship and suffering, and through celebrations and milestones.

God has given us parents the daunting and incredible calling to disciple our kids and help form them into the women and men God created them to be...women and men that look like Jesus. We can’t do this alone! We need a church family who will walk alongside us in this. We need to learn from other parents, especially those further down the road from us. Our kids need to hear from other voices and see other godly men and women faithfully walking with Jesus. For our kids to grow up to be resilient disciples who faithfully walk with Jesus in the midst of our ever-changing world, they need parents who are equipped to disciple them through every stage of life and a church that walks alongside them.

That’s what I love about Parent Commissioning at Doxa! Earlier this month we commissioned five families who desire to see their kids know Jesus. The Doxa community committed to support and equip these parents to lead, train, and form their kids in the way of Jesus, as well as come alongside them for the entire journey. 

Please join us in praising God for these families and in praying for them!