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Fight for Restoration and Reconciliation!


Doxa Family,

Yesterday was a pretty significant day for us. I know it was for me. It seemed clear that the Spirit was working on our hearts and leading us to love well, speak truthfully to one another, forgive those who have sinned against us, and fight for restoration and reconciliation. I hope you were convicted and comforted by the good news of Jesus’ work reconciling us to God, so that we can be ministers of reconciliation to one another.

I also know it likely brought up some pain from the past. I have had the chance to interact with a few people regarding how to address it. Here’s some of what I shared with one of our members: “Remember, it’s OK to agree with God that sin and the brokenness that sin causes is very bad. It’s also very important to grieve the loss. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” He invites us to honestly mourn the loss and the Spirit will bring comfort as we come before him honestly. I want to encourage you to bring any remaining pain/hurt to our Father in prayer and ask him to bring healing and comfort where necessary. And, release the bitterness and pain to him. As the worship lead shared at the beginning of the first song set, “Cast your cares on Him for he cares for you.” Jesus took the burden of our sin – all of it – on himself. Not only did he die to forgive us from all our sin, he also can bear the weight of it. We cannot. Give it to him. Give him both what has been done to you as well as how you may have responded to it. He is the great healer and it is by his wounds that we are healed. Remember all that Jesus went through to forgive and heal us from sin’s consequences. He is more than able to both handle what is going on in your hearts and bring about real healing.”

If you missed Sunday’s message on Reconciled Community, you can watch it here:

I am praying for us this week, family. I pray that God would help us to both experience healing from our past wounds as well as grow in humility, in order to hear how we have sinned against others. If we are to become a reconciled community that maintains the unity of the Spirit, we need to all admit that we still have much room to grow in grace. May God grant us grace to listen without the need to defend ourselves. Remember, we have an advocate before God the Father so we no longer need to play the lawyer, offering up our defense. And, each of us is still in the process of being sanctified. So we all need to hear the truth spoken in love in order to continue to grow up into Christ, who is our head.

*Updated. Click here for discussion questions for your missional community groups or family discussion.

It really is a joy to serve you family!

Your broken and in need of much grace and truth brother,


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I so appreciated this message of hope and healing.

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