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God's Holy Children (Questions for MCs)


Doxa Family,

This past Sunday together was a great reminder of God’s bountiful grace as we celebrated:
    •    Mothers -  the ways they’ve blessed us through countless acts of sacrificial service 
    •    New life - the hope of each new life coming to love and follow Jesus through baby dedications 
    •    Set-apart identity - all believers have been born again by the Spirit of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and as God’s Holy Children, we’re called and enabled to live holy lives.

During the course of this week, I pray you’ll ponder what it means to be one of God’s Holy Children; called out and set apart through Jesus’ work, for God’s purposes. What it means for you personally that God has not removed you from the world, but instead has set you apart for God’s work in the world. How will you live and love in such a way that shows others what he is like through your words and actions?

Sunday night I received an email from a young woman brand new to the faith who is wrestling with this very thing! She gently corrected me in regards to the story I shared about the missionary couple in Tokyo not using chopsticks. She said, “I found myself thinking would it have been more Christ-like to join the Japanese, or at least acknowledge when we are in a different environment to meet people where they are at, rather than being viewed as not belonging. For example, try using the chopsticks because you love the people you are with, instead of asking for forks because it is easier. That might be a greater example of how we could show up and be different and have people say, ‘they don’t belong,’ but from a positive place. Maybe it is the mom in me, but I found myself thinking it was a missed opportunity to coach. If people are going to be on mission and go out into communities, I would think they should be encouraged to join the people where they are at.”

I love the fact she desires to see us love our city toward Jesus better. And, she was absolutely right! The holiness we’re to be known for is to be a people who are radically committed to meet people where they are at, and love them with a love of another kind. Sometimes this is demonstrated by simply joining people in a meal on their terms.

I am praying you will all have opportunities this week to be holy children of God displaying his grace and truth in loving ways with those who need to know his love. Join people where they are at and love them with an other-world kind of love – the love of our heavenly Father.

If you would like to access the message from Sunday you can find the audio and video here

Questions for Missional Communities and Group Discussion
If you would like to discuss the message together in your home or with your missional community, read 1 Peter 1:13-17 and consider these questions together:

1. If our mind is the controlling center of our being, how can we better prepare it with the truths of the gospel for obedience to God? Remember the Indicatives (what is true of God’s character and actions and our new identity in Christ) lead to the Imperatives (what we do).
2. How does believing that we truly are ‘obedient children’ in Christ, who are ‘holy’ (regardless of what we’ve done), affect what we do?
 3. If holy means “to be set apart for God’s purposes in the world, so the world can come to know what God is like through how we live”, how might believing we are his holy children change how we live?
 4. Jeff referenced the fact that we are called to be a visual example of God’s attributes. Let’s brainstorm some of his attributes and how we might live as a demonstration of what he is like in our context. (i.e. He is a reconciling God…we commit to being reconciled with each other and helping others get reconciled; He is abundantly generous…we give of our time, abilities and resources to serve and love others; etc.)

Doxa, I have been hearing many, many stories of God’s redeeming grace at work in and through our lives lately. I am so encouraged! I anticipate we will hear even more this week as you and I believe the truths of the gospel and live in light of our new identity in Christ.

Here’s to more stories of God’s Holy Children spreading the good news!


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