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ONWARD: God Stacks Small Things


At Doxa, we talk frequently about the church not being a building. We, Gods people, are the church. We are the, “called out ones”.
But, God also gives His people a place.

The John Danz building in downtown Bellevue has been an amazing blessing to Doxa for 7 years. When I think back to what God has done through His people in this building, I am so grateful. The great preaching and teaching, the amazing worship music, the equipping and training of believers for the everyday stuff of life, the prayer, the laughing, the crying, the growing, the Christmas’s and Easters, the baptisms and cheering, and so much more…

The building itself didn’t do the work of the ministry, but it happened in this building. Like the home where my fondest childhood memories happened, the John Danz is like that for Doxa.
We rented year after year knowing some day we would have to move. We didn’t know where God would send us. For years we saw several doors open, we were hopeful, prayerful, and intentional with each and every one of them. Some of them seemed like “no brainers”, but one by one…each door closed. The Lord clearly had other plans for Doxa, but we didn’t know yet what He would do. We were all a little weary, but hopeful.
The Redmond Building presented itself somewhat casually. Our elders discussed the basics like square footage and location. At this point there was some ambivalence on the team, because of how many doors had opened, got us excited, then closed. But we soon learned that God was up to something.

Over time, it became clear: this space was God's answer to our prayers.

This transition for Doxa makes me reflect on how God works. Its not always a big explosion! Most times it’s just moments that build on each other. God works His will out in our small steps of faith, in the details. Not every step of this process has been easy, in fact some have been hard.

Renting has not been easy.
Sharing our current home this last year, the John Danz, has not been easy.
Raising funds has not been easy.
The construction process has not been easy.

But every step has been made in faith and the Lord continues to reveal himself in the process. He is with us no matter what.

And now…..we have a new home! A place where the amazing work of God through the people of Doxa, can continue on the Eastside.
Have you ever read a really good book, where you couldn’t wait to read the next chapter? Where the previous chapter has this amazing storyline and leaves you hanging a bit and you just have to read the next chapter? That’s how I feel about our story as a church and  getting into this new home.
There is NO doubt in my mind the Lord lead us to our new home, which means He has a great “next chapter” written for Doxa and I can’t wait to see it unfold! I can’t wait to see the lives changed, relationships created, and Gods glory revealed on the Eastside through Doxa.
Let’s turn the page together.
Derek LaFontaine

Derek has been a non-staff pastor and gospel shepherd at Doxa since 2017. His day job is working as a fire marshall with the Northshore district. He enjoys creating environments for discipling others and shredding hair metal on his electric guitar.

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