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Living With A Gospel Obsession

Doxa Family,

It was so great to be with you yesterday! The previous Sunday, while we were away, I remarked to Jayne that it was the first Sunday since the beginning of Doxa that I was not present with you all. Though it was a joy to get away with my family for a much-needed rest, I really missed you a lot. I really am blessed to get to serve you with my gifts, family! And yesterday was no exception. It was a blast being able to call us toward gospel obsession. We have so much to be thankful for together. This morning I found myself inviting the Holy Spirit to grow my obsession and affection for the gospel even more, and he continues to increase the joy of my salvation as I ponder the wonders of God’s amazing grace toward us in Christ Jesus. I pray you are experiencing the same kind of joy as God reveals just how amazing his grace really is.

If you would like to discuss the message together with your missional community or family, start by reading 1 Peter 1:3-12, with special focus on 10-12. Then discuss these questions together:

1.    The angels, though not similar recipients of God’s salvation, are obsessed with looking into it (vs. 12). In what ways can they be an example and an encouragement for us to grow in our gospel obsession?

2.    What do we tend to become fixated on or obsessed with? Why is that?

3.    How does Jesus and the good news of what we have in him better meet our needs and satisfy our longings than what we tend to focus on?

4.    If the grace of the gospel is now ours (vs. 10), meaning we actually are grace-possessors, how should that affect how we treat others (i.e. we have not just been forgiven, but have Jesus’ ability to forgive)?

5.    What might need to change to become gospel-obsessed people who live as possessors of grace?

As possessors of grace, let’s also be givers of grace this week. There are many who need the love and forgiveness that the gospel of Jesus offers. I pray God will work through each of you this week to express grace in various forms so that many will become convinced that the good news of Jesus really brings good news to the world.

Have a great, gospel-obsessed, grace-saturated week!


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