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Reconciled Community: Questions for discussion

In my post yesterday, I neglected to include questions for discussion in your family or missional communities. I think the pastor/shepherd part of me took precedent over the teacher/equipper in what I wrote yesterday.

So, if you would like to process through the message further, take some time to read through Ephesians 4:25-32 and Matthew 18:15-17 and then talk through these questions:

  1. How can we covenant with one another to “put away falsehood and speak the truth” to one another, doing it in a manner that builds one another up?
  2. What must we commit to if we are going to be advocates for each other?
  3. How will we, if necessary, walk through a Matthew 18 process in this group (keep in mind the goal is pursuit and restoration not exclusion and removal – consider my teaching from Sunday as well the context found in Matthew 18:10-14 and 21-35)?
  4. How are we processing through all of these and our past experiences? Do any need extra care in walking through grieving loss, extending forgiveness or seeking reconciliation?

NOTE: You may find, depending upon you group that you need to spend most of your time on Question #4. Consider also what I posted yesterday as you do this.

I am praying for you all as you gather together with your family and community.