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Thank you so much for walking a journey with us saturating the gospel among people in Tokyo. Here are some of the works God has been doing this month:


Yoshi's MC: The Koishi family, who have been good friends of us, moved in our area this month. They have heard the gospel many times through us and they are very open. We did life together for the last 3 years. Last year, they were far from us because of his business. Now they are very close to our home. We were able to help move and serve their family this month. Please pray for them as they are entering into our missional community life. We are continuing to do life together with a few other families who live near us. Please specially pray for the Sekita family who also lives in our neighborhood. His wife has been depressed and not able to cook or anything. We are bringing them food. Their kids are the same ages as ours. Please pray that she will heal and the family will hear the gospel through our deed and word.

Steve's MC (A quick update from Steve): Our family/MC has been focusing back on the most important reason we are here —to know God intimately. I’ve been very strongly convicted this past month that our community, and our church as a whole, really needs to be clear in our intention to know and love God with all our hearts before we focus on “ministry.” For our family, I know that we are very active in blessing others and being a light to our extended community, but the focus on ministering outward has made it easy to neglect the ministry inward. We cannot stop ministering to others since to do that would be to stop living our daily lives, but we are earnestly seeking to be most excited about Jesus and enjoying the relationship we have with him. This is, after all, the ultimate good that we seek for those we love and hope to grow as disciples of Christ. Please pray for God to continue to reveal himself and fill our community.

New MC: We are launching a third MC in Kichijoji, the next city from us. We have a Baptist missionary, Mark, who has been living in Japan for the last 20 years and in the city for the last 4 years.  A missionary family is moving near them this month. There is one Japanese believer near their house. We are praying that they will start a missional community. Mark and his family are already serving and connecting with their neighbors. Please pray as we saturate together.

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Can you continue to support our mission of saturating the gospel in greater Tokyo area where 36 million people live? You can help us this month through the following ways:

  1. Please pray daily for our church. We are a very small group of people but we believe that we have a key to the kingdom. Please pray that we all find joy wholly and completely in Jesus daily.
  2. If you know anyone or any group who is reaching out to people from Japan in your area, please connect us so that we can create a pipeline.
  3. If you know anyone who lives in Tokyo, please connect us so that we can disciple them.
  4. If anyone in your church has a heart to come to Japan and join with us in the work we're doing, please connect us. 
  5. If you know anyone who loves to support financially, please let us know. Please pray for our finances. We still need to raise about $1,500 more each month from other supporting churches. We have a few families from the USA who are preparing to move to Japan to church plant with us. I can introduce to them so that he or she can support them directly. Thank you.


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