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Kids on Mission: Superbowl Edition


The Superbowl is a natural rhythm for your neighbors, friends, and co-workers to get together and enjoy food, drink, and the game. How would Jesus approach that Sunday?

Being on mission often starts with having a plan. For parents, mission is often shaped by what we can do with our children. Do you have kids at home and wondering how to get them involved? Most kids don’t like football or are too young to watch a long game.

Being missional and having kids don’t have to be separate.  Spend some time ahead of Superbowl Sunday to think through ways you can involve them in the plans for the day. Here are a few kid-friendly ideas to get you thinking:

Pre-Game Warmup - Find crafts, snack ideas and/or decorating tips online then invite kids to help. Pray for the Spirit to bless your time at the party and ask for opportunities to share and show the love of Jesus.

Game-Time Games – Find some fun ideas to keep the kids interested throughout the game.  Make adjustments as necessary to keep the viewed content age appropriate. Have small prizes and rewards ready to give out.

Half-Time Activities – Spend some time away from the TV to re-engage kids and adults. Have a game or contest planned to do together.

This time is a great opportunity to talk about and model service and mission to your kids. They will watch how you interact and invest into people who don’t know Jesus.  Pray for moments to disciple them along with those you invite to a party.

-Liz Pearse

Download a resource guide here for more tips.