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Digital MC Meetings with Kids

If your MC includes kids, you have already encountered the challenges that come with trying to do a digital MC meeting while little ones are running around. We want to help you not only keep your kids alive during your MC meeting, but also see this season as an opportunity to disciple your kids together. Below are a few ideas, games, and resources to help you do that.

Why involve kids now?

Missional Communities is an important part of helping kids learn about the Family of God in their discipleship. Kids need to see other adult outside of their family, and even a quick video chat will go a long way for them to know that they are seen, loved and not alone. Seeing the Missional Community do this together will model what it means to be part of a the Family of God in how they treat one another in a time of need.

Weekly resource: family discusison guides

The Doxa Kids page has a resource connected with the kids sermon under “Family Discussion Guides”. These can be easily adapted as a family or Missional Community. Feel free to do them together during a digital meeting or do them separately and then the kids share on video. Each week includes a game, craft, and discussion question. 

Tips and Ideas

Including your kids in a digital MC meeting is going to look very different from person-to-person depending on kids’ ages, attention span and comfort. These are just meant to serve as suggestions. There is a lot of flexibility here for each parent to do what’s best for their family. If you have varied age ranges, consider having the older kids lead the younger kids in some of these activities.

  • Let kids join your digital MC meeting for 15-20 minutes before bedtime then take a break to tuck them in and reconvene as adults
  • Play a memory verse game
  • Have someone read a kids Bible story
  • Sing a worship song together
  • Lead the kids in prayer using a kid version of the ACTS model (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication. For example, “God, I love you because.../God, I’m sorry for.../God, thank you for.../God, help me with…”

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