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DNA Groups

DNA Groups

DNAs are groups of 3 or 4 men or women pursuing spiritual friendship with the hope of becoming more like Jesus.

Spiritual friendship is a deep friendship centered on Jesus; one where it’s safe to be vulnerable and honest because there is no need to pretend, hide, or impress. If we are going to become like Jesus, we need to see each other’s lives and be willing to submit to others speaking into our lives.

D.N.A is an acronym that stands for Discover, Nurture, and Act. DNA members help one another to know God, follow Jesus, and listen to the Holy Spirit through:
D - Discover truths about God and self together (Bible)
N - Nurture one another toward true heart transformation (shepherding/care)
A - Act out repentance and belief through obedience and proclamation (accountability)

You can be in DNA with anyone, but ideally, your DNA Group will be connected to your MC group and will typically consist of three-four people of the same gender who commit together to:

  • submit to God’s Word under the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • meet regularly to repent, share what they are learning and how they are growing as believers in Jesus
  • care deeply for another
  • bring accountability, encouragement, and challenge to one another’s lives

DNAs are an opportunity to regularly process through your spiritual formation in close proximity with people who know your story, are aware of your struggles, and are committed together to looking at God’s word for ongoing transformation.

New DNA Groups; download the Launch Guide to get started.

Existing DNA Groups hoping to strengthen your group and go deeper, download the Strengthening Guide.


Email Ken Flower for Men's DNA or Amy Lathrop for Women's DNA.