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Elementary Kids Move Up

September 6, 2020

All Day

Category: Doxa Kids | Coordinator: Liz Pearse

Elementary Kids Move Up

Kids who are in elementary school (K-5th grade) will move up into their new classrooms.  Specifically, new Kindergarteners will move to their new classroom from Preschool to Early Elementary and new 3rd graders will move from Early Elementary to Upper Elementary.

Sunday Gatherings Discipleship Environment

Kids Ministry focuses on age-appropriate learning environments set in age/grade classrooms for Sunday Gatherings.  Each classroom is paired with a phase of development and geared towards learning the story of God.  We believe that Sunday shapes our everyday and kids will receive a regular rhythm of the good news of Jesus each week.  Classrooms teach not just for knowledge but for heart transformation.

Partnering with Parents throughout Kids Phases:

Phase 1: Care (Ages 0-3)

  • Helping kids develop an understanding of God's unconditional love by creating environments where kids will feel cared for and safe.  Building trust in Jesus.
  • About 936 weeks until Student Commissioning (based on age 0)

Phase 2: Concept (Preschool)

  • Instilling in kids the foundational of the story of God by creating environments where kids begin to engage the story of God and the theological concepts.
  • About 780 weeks until Student Commissioning (based on age 4)

Phase 3: Content (Early Elementary)

  • Saturating kids with the story of God to expand their Gospel identities as family, servant, witness and seeking Gospel transformation.
  • About 624 weeks until Student Commissioning (based on age 6)

Phase 4: Community (Upper Elementary)

  • Growing in community with one another as God's family by regularly engaging the story of God for Gospel transformation.
  • About 520 weeks until Student Commissioning (based on age 9)