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Doxa Students

Every Sunday

5:30pm – 7:30pm

Category: Doxa Students | Coordinator: Natalie Martinez

All Middle School & High School Students are invited to join us after the Gathering on Sundays for Student Night.

All of our middle school and high school students gather together after the Gatherings to support and celebrate what God is doing in our student DNA groups. It is a great opportunity for students to enjoy community, gospel-centered curriculum, and DNA groups.

 - 1st Sunday - during family meal, students will meet for dna discussion

 - 2nd Sunday - during Parent's Night Out, students will serve at date night or an  alternate service project

  - 4th Sunday - student night until 8

For more information, contact Natalie Martinez, [email protected].

(Safety is a top priority and we have a full Covid-19 safety plan in place including masks, social distancing, and following all government guidance.)