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Bible Reading

Bible Reading

This quarter, we will focus on becoming more like Jesus through the intentional practice of Bible reading and meditation. For some of us, reading our Bible may seem like one of the most basic spiritual practices. Maybe you grew up hearing that you needed to “read your Bible and pray every day.” Yet, it has become like flossing; you know it’s good for you, but you don’t particularly look forward to it (or take the time to do it).

No matter where you are in your Bible reading journey, we invite you to engage or re-engage with this ancient practice and hear from God through His Word. We live in a world where thousands of stories and messages compete for our attention on a daily basis. The practice of Bible reading and meditation will help you let the eternal Word of your loving Father be the primary story and voice in your life.

Like the previous formation guides, this guide to Bible Reading is broken into four parts for you to work through sequentially with your Missional Community, on your own, and with your DNA group. Each part builds on the previous one and will help form you into a person who is actively listening to God through His Word, receiving His love, thinking with God throughout your day, and ultimately being transformed to become more like Jesus.

Be sure to begin with the Get Started Guide


Learn Together through a Sermon
Each quarter includes learning together in our Sunday gathering about a spiritual formation practice. This sermon sets the foundation and if you miss it, please take time to watch or listen. This foundation sermon, preached as part of our Nehemiah series on October 25, 2020, is available on the Doxa website and app.

Missional Community (or DNA Group) Discussion
Using the Bible Reading Guide, you will work through four parts over the quarter to help you learn about this practice in more depth with your community. Just follow the prompts. Start here before jumping into the individual practices. If you are not currently meeting as a missional community because of COVID (or you are not in an MC), you can also engage in this discussion with your DNA group or on your own.

Individual Practices
After discussing the practice with your Missional Community or DNA group, you’re invited to try exercises on your own to help you grow in hearing from God through Bible Reading. Don’t worry about getting it right or being perfect, just try to work through the practice and take note of what was hard, what you enjoyed, and what God was teaching you. You will then reflect on this with your DNA group.

DNA Group Reflection
After you have experienced these practices yourself, your DNA group will meet to reflect on this experience and what God is teaching you through the process. Use the provided questions to guide your DNA conversation, but feel free to let the conservation go beyond these.

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