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This quarter, we will focus on becoming more like Jesus through the intentional practice of hospitality. Our hope is that through this practice we are formed more and more into the image of Jesus, who welcomed his enemies to the table and made them into family.

The practice of hospitality is what Dallas Willard calls a "discipline of engagement." It’s an active practice and by definition can’t be done alone. Rosaria Butterfield helpfully defines biblical hospitality as: “making strangers into neighbors and neighbors into the family of God.” Our hope is that we become a people who use our homes, tables, and time to make strangers into friends...and that as they see and hear the good of Jesus through our lives, they become part of the family of God. This kind of hospitality is the key to evangelism in our post-Christian, secular world. But it’s not just about changing our world. Hospitality also changes us! Practicing hospitality forms us more and more into the image of Jesus. It challenges the idols in our life and invites us towards greater trust in the Father.

Like the previous formation guides, this guide is broken into four parts for you to work through sequentially in community, on your own, and with your DNA group. Each part builds on the previous one and will help form you more into the image of the greatest servant, Jesus Christ.

Begin with the Get Started Guide 



Missional Community (or DNA Group) Discussion
Using the Guide, you will work through each part over the quarter to help you learn about this practice in more depth with your community. Read the Getting Started Guide and then just follow the prompts. Start with the reading before jumping into the individual practices. If you are not currently meeting as a missional community because of COVID (or you are not in an MC), you can also engage in this discussion with your DNA group or on your own.

Individual Practices
After discussing the practice with your Missional Community or DNA group, you’re invited to try exercises on your own to help you engage with this practice. Don’t worry about getting it right or being perfect, just try to work through the practice and take note of what was hard, what you enjoyed, and what God was teaching you. You will then reflect on this with your DNA group.

DNA Group Reflection
After you have experienced these practices yourself, your DNA group will meet to reflect on this experience and what God is teaching you through the process. Use the provided questions to guide your DNA conversation, but feel free to let the conservation go beyond these.

Get the other guides.