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International Mission

We are all witnesses, and we have the opportunity to partner with those showing and sharing who Jesus is in places where he is largely unknown.

At Doxa, we have strong relationships with our international missionaries. Through regular communication, monthly coaching, financial support, and visits in both directions, we equip and train those in international contexts for the work of the gospel.

Our current efforts focus on Japan and Slovakia, because of the great work these families are doing and their relationship with Doxa. Read more about them below:


LOCATION: Fuchu, Japan
POPULATION: 126.8 million (Japan)

Tell us about your family.

Ami and I have been married for 13 years, and are blessed with two daughters, Yuka (11), Nanaka (9) and a son, Atsuto (5). We enjoy camping in the beautiful countryside of Japan.  

What is your church like?
We are church family, who are learning to submit all that we do under king Jesus. We are here to show and tell about the good news of Jesus through the everyday stuff of life together. We gather on Sundays in Fuchu City, Tokyo (located on the west side of Tokyo).

What do you hope for the future in your context?
Japan is the second-least-reached nation in the world. With a population of 125 million (greater area of Tokyo with 36 million people), just 0.58 percent are evangelical Christians. We hope to see more missional communities planted everywhere in Tokyo and have a vision to start 5 gatherings by 2025, so that more people will experience worship and hear the gospel for the first time in a public space.

How can Doxa pray for you?
Please pray that God will send more gospel workers to us. Matthew 9:37-38
Please pray that the richness of the Gospel will be shared and preached among the people of Japan. Ephesians 6:19-20

Please pray that as we continue on the journey He has for us, that we will remain faithful servants in the land of Japan. Matthew 24:45-51



If you would like to make a contribution to international missions, let us know.