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Journey Groups


Dates and Times for Upcoming Journey Groups:

TBD. If you're interested in joining an upcoming Journey Group, email Amy Lathrop.


We are hoping to host Journey Groups in the Doxa building this fall. We may need to pivot to online via zoom if Corona Virus guidelines change. If the guidelines do change, we will post an update here and notify those who have applied. (If you have questions about this, please email Amy Lathrop.)

To apply, read the information below and then click apply now. 



What is a Journey Group?

God’s word teaches us that the world we live in is not as God created it. We live in a corrupted creation where we experience the consequences of our own sin, the sin of others against us, and a creation that has been subjected to futility. But because of God’s power, mercy, and love, his plan to have a people who reflect his character, has not ultimately been frustrated by sin. God has acted in Jesus to free us from the penalty and power of sin. Now, he is shepherding all who believe, on a journey where he is transforming us to be more conformed to the image of his Son.

A Journey Group is not a therapy group, rather, it is a ministry where godly, mature and trained leaders come alongside you, to carefully listen to your story, so they can help you recognize the journey Jesus is calling you to walk on with him.  We want you to see God for who he really is so that you’re compelled to live in his story for his glory and your good.

Who would benefit from participating in a Journey Group?

There are two groups of people we have in mind:

1. First, all of us have experienced suffering because we are broken people living in a broken world. Journey Groups are designed to be helpful for believers who are struggling with some recurring pattern of sin or addiction; those who are continually troubled by the effects of some deep personal wound, those who find themselves unable or unwilling to forgive another, or those whose daily lives are marked by anxiety, anger, and the like. We want to help you grow in your understanding of the story you are living in, and the story God is inviting you into. If you desire truthful interaction and genuine loving encouragement to live more fully in God’s story, you are invited to apply for a space in the upcoming Journey Group cycle.

2. Secondly, we recognize there are people with shepherding gifts in many of our Missional Communities and DNA groups. Because the Journey Group ministry is the primary place people are exposed to our model for shepherding the heart of people in the Gospel, it is a strategic place where you can grow personally and become better equipped to use your gifts in those contexts. As well, it is the exclusive entry point for those who desire to serve more formally, in the Gospel Shepherding ministry here at Doxa.

What does a typical Journey Group look like?

A Journey Group is typically a small, gender-specific group of 5 to 6 participants who are led by two mature, trained believers. Each session begins with a combined group teaching time, which highlights a theme from the week’s assigned reading in the book of Exodus and a chapter from the book: Redemption, by Mike Wilkerson. Then we move into our closed groups where we spend the bulk of the evening listening to each other’s stories, asking questions that come out of the readings, and interacting with each other in a spirit of love, truthfulness, and encouragement.

What is the rhythm for the Journey Group cycle?

Journey Groups run for 9 weeks and include these three major sections:

Week 1- Journey Group Intensive: Each Journey Group cycle begins with a two-day “Journey Group Intensive.” We start on a Friday evening from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and then the following Saturday from 9:00am – 12:30pm.

Weeks 2-8- Regular Weekly Journey Group Meetings: For 7 consecutive weeks, we meet every Sunday evening from 5:00pm – 7:00pm, according to the format described above in “What’s a Journey Group Like?”

Week 9- Celebration Service: Our last Sunday evening is a Celebration Service. We combine all our groups together on the 9th week to share and hear the stories of redemption that God has worked in the lives of his people over their weeks of walking on this journey with God.

Things you need to know before you consider joining a Journey Group:

1. We have limited spaces available, so not everyone who applies will be able to participate.

2. Your registration is ONLY for the current Journey Group cycle. There is no waiting list.  If you're not selected for the current cycle of Journey Groups, please apply for the next cycle when we open up the application process again.

3. We offer two cycles of Journey Groups per year, one that begins in September and one that begins in January.

After you apply:

5. You will receive a response indicating we have received and are reviewing your application. (Priority is given to Doxa Members, especially those who are in both a Missional Community and a DNA Group).

6. After we have made our final selections and the groups are full, you will either receive an invitation to participate in the current cycle of Journey Groups, or a notice that the groups are full and the dates for the next cycle and when you can apply.


We are hoping to host Journey Groups in the Doxa building this fall. We may need to pivot to online via zoom if Corona Virus guidelines change. If the guidelines do change, we will post an update here and notify those who have applied. (If you have questions about this, please email Amy Lathrop.)

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