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Keeping Digital MC Meetings Fun

Digital meetings can get monotonous. One of the best ways to love your MC well in this moment is through keeping your digital meetings fun and varied from week to week. There are many ways this can look from virtual game nights to sharing a meal together. We’ve included some of our favorite creative ideas below.

Host a Virtual Game Night

Take a break from intentional discussion for an evening and enjoy some light-hearted fun together. Some of our MCs have enjoyed online games like:

Show and tell

Everyone in your MC shares the significance of a fun or meaningful object from their home. You could learn a lot about one another! 


Virtual cooking night 

Have someone teach your MC how to make one of your favorite recipes, everyone makes it together, and then eats via video. Our Doxa young adults recently made panang curry, can you beat that?


Two Truths and a Lie

This classic icebreaker is great if you want to learn something new about the people in your group. They share two things that are true and one lie about themselves, and everyone guesses which is the lie.


High and Low

Everyone goes around and shares their quarantine high point and low point of the week. This is fun, but it could also lead to some good discussion and prayer time if someone is particularly struggling that week. 


Eat a meal together

Much of Jesus’ ministry happened around a table. Sharing a meal together over a video call (or even a snack!) can help your MC feel connected to one another. 


Use virtual backgrounds, emojis, and chat

Have everyone pick their favorite vacation spot as a virtual background, use some emojis to react to conversations, or use the chat feature to share a funny video. The sky is the limit! 


Movie Night

Host a movie night on Netflix or another platform that allows you to share the experience together. There are some new tools like Netflix Party that can take this experience to the next level. 


Dress up

Wear your favorite sports apparel, have a costume night, wear a favorite hat, you get the idea. This is a great way to get kids involved too!


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