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We use a few terms at Doxa that may not be familiar to you, so learn a bit about what we do!


A missional community is much more than a weekly event. MCs gather together at different times throughout the week to fulfill Jesus' mission of being disciples who make disciples. Together we learn how to worship and submit to Jesus in all of life by learning how to love one another as family, worship Jesus as servants who serve others, and share the good news of Jesus Christ as his sent witnesses.

Every missional community identifies a group of people whom they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and share Jesus with. It could be a neighborhood or network of relationships. Some choose to love and serve local schools, while others will identify people they already are in regular relationship with. We want to see every place where we live, work, learn and play blessed by God’s people on God’s mission.

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A DNA group is a group of 3-4 men or women (groups are same gender) who meet regulalrly to be known and study the Bible together. DNA is an acronym for the three elements that frame up this type of group:

DNA groups DISCOVER truths about who God is, what He's done, and who we are in light of Him.

DNA groups NURTURE each other by addressing matters of the heart, leading each other towards truth and repentance in the Gospel.

DNA groups ACT by applying God's word to everyday life and holding each other accountable to doing something about what they have learned or grown in.

DNA groups are more than a typical Bible study because there is a drive towards living differently and putting faith to practice, not just reading or discussing what it could be like to do so.

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A Journey Group is not a therapy group, rather, it is a ministry where godly, mature and trained leaders come alongside you, to carefully listen to your story, so they can help you recognize the journey Jesus is calling you to walk on with him.  We want you to see God for who he really is so that you’re compelled to live in his story for his glory and your good.

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