9:30a - Kids Liturgy
10:00a - Main Gathering
Find the live stream here.

Join us for a live gathering at the building on Sunday, Jan 17th!

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Digital Liturgy

January 17th: Jesus is the first Word (life) and the last Word (Judgment) in all human life. Join us today as we kick off part 2 of our John series.

Join us for our live liturgy here. Kids liturgy starts at 9:30a sharp and the main liturgy starts at 10a. Pull up the page a few minutes early and say hello!

The purpose of this resource is to help your family, missional community, or a few friends experience many of the elements we do together when we gather in downtown Bellevue.  


Giving is an act of worship, and right now, giving supports the ways we are recreating ministry for this unique time, and allows us to keep our team intact. Doxa exists to make disciples in the every day stuff of life, and that continues when we are unable to meet together in person. Giving is also an expression of faith that the Father will continue to provide for our every need. We encourage you to stop and thank God for all that He has provided for you in this season, and ask Him what you should give.