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MC Service Opportunities

There’s a lot that’s changed  over the past year, however our gospel identity remains the same. We are still servants of King Jesus who get to display what he is like through serving those around us. During a time where many in our region have new needs created by this pandemic, we want to step in and demonstrate the good news of Jesus through service.   

What if the Church in our region was famous for the way we served in this season? What if the neighborhoods where our MCs meet would grieve if we moved because of the way that we served them well? This is our prayer and you can be a part of making it a reality. We encourage all our MCs to choose at least one service opportunity to pursue either individually or as a team.     

We know it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite service opportunities below. If your MC already has ideas of how you can serve within your existing relationships, then pursue that. However, if you need a place to start, these are all simple opportunities that you can pursue individually or as an MC.   

Care Communities

It comes as no surprise that being a foster parent is difficult. In fact, 50% of parents who foster don’t make it past their first year! Doxa is forming Care Communities where a group of people (like an MC) rallies around a foster family from the community to provide emotional, prayerful and practical support. This program has increased the retention rate of foster families from 50% to 90%! This is a perfect opportunity for MCs and DNAs to pursue together where people can contribute their unique gifts and abilities whether that’s cooking a meal, praying for the family, tutoring a child, providing practical material items or babysitting every now and then. Contact Alison Martin at [email protected] to get involved.


Your Own Community

With school out for summer break, lots of families are struggling to figure out the balance between work, life and taking care of the kids. This is a great opportunity to look around your own community to see who could use an extra set of hands, some prayer or just a listening ear. As a staff, we are each reaching out to one Doxa member each week to say hello, ask how we can pray for them and see if there’s anything they need. Consider applying this to your circle and ask the Lord to open some opportunities to share His love with those who don’t yet know him. You can meet those needs either on your own or with your MC. And if you find something that could use more hands, reach out to Alison to let her know and [email protected]. 

If you need more ideas, feel free to reach out to your Coach or to Alison!