Kids start at 9:30a. Main gathering at 10a.

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MC Summer Service Opportunities

There’s a lot that’s changed over the past few months, however our gospel identity remains the same. We are still servants of King Jesus who get to display what he is like through serving those around usDuring a summer where many in our region have new needs created by this pandemic, we want to step in and demonstrate the good news of Jesus through service.  

What if the Church in our region was famous for the way we served in the season ahead? What if the neighborhoods where our MCs meet would grieve if we moved because of the way that we served them well? This is our prayer and you can be a part of making it a reality. This summer, we encourage all our MCs to choose at least one service opportunity to pursue either individually or as a team.    

We know it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite service opportunities belowIf your MC already has ideas of how you can serve within your existing relationships, then pursue that. However, if you need a place to start, these are all simple one-time opportunities with local non-profits that your MC can rally together to serve.    

Bellevue Food Bank 

This is a simple but highly impactful opportunity where you get to play a part in feeding those in need. This involves picking up and delivering boxes of food from the Bellevue Food Bank. Here are more details: 

  • There are three shifts available:  

        Tuesdays | 12 - 4PM 
        Wednesday | 3 - 7PM 
        Thursday | 10AM - 2PM 

  • This requires a Driver Application Form, and a copy of your auto insurance and driver’s license. 
  • Contact Amy Lathrop to get started: [email protected] 

Jubilee Reach Feeding Families in Need

This is a great opportunity to serve families in need in Bellevue! Doxa has already been so faithful in serving this cause, and we have the chance to continue that throughout the summer. This involves purchasing groceries, bagging them, and delivering them to Jubilee Reach in Bellevue. Our goal is to fulfill 12 orders a week, so this is a perfect opportunity for MCs to rally together to fulfill as many of those orders as they can. Here are more details: 

  • Dates available are Thursdays, July 16th, 23rd and 30th 
  • Each order costs roughly $30 
  • Sign up HERE

Jubilee Reach Service Projects

This is a great opportunity to get your hands a little dirty. There are five homes in the Bellevue area in need of various landscaping services and small repairs. This is a perfect way for MCs to use their varying handyman skills! For more details, contact Amy Lathrop: [email protected] 

The Sophia Way 

The Sophia Way serves women struggling with homelessness and provides them with shelter, social services and practical support. They depend on community members to provide lunch and dinner to the women staying at the shelter. This is a great way to work together as an MC by providing a complete meal to these women. Here are more details: 

  • All meals are to feed 30-35 women 
  • Meals should include one hot main dish, and can have accompaniments like a side dish, salad and/or a dessert 
  • The only home-made item should be the hot dish; everything else should be store-bought and sealed 
  • Meals are driven to the location for a drop-off delivery 
  • Learn more and sign up HERE