Kids start at 9:30a. Main gatherings at 10a + 6p.

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MC Leader Resources

Weekly updates and resources for MC Leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic

5/28/20 Updates

DNA Mixer: Sunday, June 14th via Zoom 
If you have folks in your MC who want to join a DNA group, but are not yet in one, we have a DNA mixer coming up where they can take the first step into forming a new DNA.  These new DNA Groups will meet with a Doxa leader for the first 4 weeks who will help form and launch the group. The groups will then go on to meet using a DNA starter-guide and the Doxa leader will serve as a mentor for the group and be available on an as-needed basis. Registration is HERE

Sermon Discussion Guides!
If you have completed the Spiritual Formation Guide on prayer and are looking for something to structure your weekly meeting time, we now have sermon discussion guides available HERE. These guides are here to serve you and help you as you plan your weekly meeting. We hope you find them to be helpful! Please let us know if you ever have any feedback.  

Upcoming Meetings
Sunday, May 31st 1pm: Members meeting about Jeff’s time transition 
Sunday, June 7th 5pm: Members meeting about Jeff’s time transition 
Sunday, June 1st 1pm: DNA Mixer
Sunday, June 28th 1pm: MCL Coaching

MC Leader Resources

We've developed resources to equip our MC Leaders to serve their groups during this unique moment. As future resources are developed, they will be added here so everything is accessible in one place. 



We've captured below key resources below that are accessible to our whole church and helpful for our MC Leaders. 



If you need help with these resources or have ideas for additional resources that would be helpful, please contact the MC Team at [email protected] or [email protected].