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He Gave: Advent 2021

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He Gave: Advent 2021

The Christmas season is ultimately about the radical and sacrificial generosity of God, sending his son Jesus to be sacrificed on our behalf. God is a Generous God, giving the ultimate gift. When we think about how we are generous during the holidays, understand our generosity is an echo of the generosity God has first given. So when we give money, time, resources, or energy, we give as a response to the great gifts God has first given us. That means we should consider how we are greatly affected today and eternally by His gifts, and then pass that generosity on to others as a result. If you are looking for purpose this holiday season, consider that you aren’t struggling because you don’t have enough, you may be struggling because you don’t give enough. Because when we are not generous we are living out of sync with God’s created order for the world.