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Week Three: The Unexpected Healing

January 31, 2016 Preacher: Jeff Vanderstelt Series: The Unexpected Jesus - Missing the Messiah

Topic: Healing Passage: Mark 1:40–2:17

Week Three: The Unexpected Healing

Passage: Mark 1:40-2:17

Summary: Jesus certainly has the power to heal, but he didn’t come just to provide physical healing. He came to heal our spiritual sickness – to bring about forgiveness of sin and new life. He touched the leper and hung out with the tax collectors and sinners. It was obvious to all that they needed help, physically, but also spiritually. Their outward need was a picture of their deeper inward need. Unfortunately, others missed him because they look to have no outward needs, though they are still spiritual sick. The good news of the Kingdom isn’t good news for those who don’t think they the healing, forgiving King.

Those who respond to Jesus believe they need Jesus

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