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Week Six: The Unexpected Teaching

February 21, 2016 Preacher: Alex Ghioni Series: The Unexpected Jesus - Missing the Messiah

Topic: Gospel Passage: Mark 4:1–4:25

Week Six: The Unexpected Teaching

Passage: Mark 4:1-25 (Isaiah 6:9, 10)

Summary: Jesus speaks to the people in parables not so it will be easier to understand, but to show that they actually don’t understand. They, like the people of Isaiah’s day, need more than the parable. They needed the sower to change their hearts. They need the seed to grow their hearts. And they need the lamp to reveal that Jesus is all of these (the sower, the seed and the light). Jesus’ teaching leads people to Jesus because he teaches in such a way that can only be understood if they get Jesus.

The secret to the kingdom is a person, not a password.

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