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Week Twenty-One: The Unexpected Servant

June 12, 2016 Preacher: Alex Ghioni Series: The Unexpected Jesus - Missing the Messiah

Topic: Gospel Passage: Mark 10:32–10:52

Week Twenty-One: The Unexpected Servant

Passage: Mark 10:32-52


Once again, Jesus tells his disciples he is going to die and in turn James and John ask for a position on his right and left hand. Clearly, they are still spiritually blind to who Jesus is and what he is going to do as revealed by what the ask. Jesus informs them they will get to be baptized with his baptism (his death). When he is lifted up on the cross they, like us, are participants in his death. They also will eventually become his servants who will also lose their lives for his sake. Jesus redefines greatness as servanthood pointing to himself as the servant of all. Then he runs into a blind beggar who is also crying out to Jesus, but his request is for mercy. Jesus, like he did with the disciples, also asks him what he wants him to do for him. And he asks for his sight to be recovered. Mark wants us to see that the disciples were blind as revealed by their request and the blind man could actually see as revealed by his request. He saw Jesus as the one who could grant him the mercy of God as the Servant of God. And Jesus, the Servant of all, is willing to serve both the spiritually blind and physically blind through his death.

The Great Somebody serves us nobodies, making us somebodies for the glory of God.

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