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RELATE - Week Ten: We Are Sent to Show and Tell (OUT)

November 13, 2016 Series: RELATE

Topic: Proclaim Passage: John 20:21

Passage: John 20:21; John 14:12-13, 15, 23-26, 15:4-5, 26-27


Jesus said that the Father sends his disciples in the same way he sent the Son – with the power and presence of the Spirit in order to display and declare the good news of the Kingdom of God. The Spirit enables disciples to obey Jesus’ commands by teaching them all that Jesus taught and enabling them to do all that Jesus did. Then, as people see what Jesus and the Kingdom of God is like in his disciples, they need to hear how to enter the Kingdom and then receive the same Spirit. God’s people are sent with God’s powerful presence to show the Kingdom and tell about their King.

The Spirit of God manifests the demonstration and declaration of God through us.