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Staying on Mission During COVID-19

There’s a lot that’s changed in quarantine, however our gospel identity remains the same. We are still witnesses of King Jesus, sent by him to demonstrate and declare the good news with not-yet-believers. Your neighbors and friends need the good news of Jesus and you have the opportunity to share it with them in this unique moment. What a privilege to be invited into God’s work in other people’s lives! 

We know it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas for how to live as Jesus’ witnesses during COVID-19. These are simple opportunities that are probably at your fingertips every single day. Remember, this isn’t about having an elaborate plan to create converts. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you in simple everyday life to plant the seed of Jesus’ love in the lives of not-yet-believers. We encourage you in your MC to discuss how you can support one another in this over the weeks ahead. 

1. Bless a Graduate 
We all probably know a graduate who is missing out on graduation and all the parties and celebrations associated to commemorating this important milestone. Bring the celebration to them! Whether it’s one graduate you know, or a bunch who live in your neighborhood that you don’t know, consider how you can celebrate them! You can do a drive-by celebration, or get your MC to join you in sending cards and gifts. 

2. Look around you 
There are people all around us needing help, but sometimes it’s really hard to ask. Consider ways of serving those who are most effected by COVID-19: elderly, medical professionals, single parents, those in the service industry. This is a great opportunity to reach out, pray for and offer help to these folks. You can offer to pick up their groceries, provide childcare, bring them dinner and fulfill whatever other needs they may have. Depending on your situation, this is a great way to tag-team with your MC to see how you can serve someone together. 

3. Bless a teacher 
With almost no warning, school has been up-ended and revolutionized into a digital format that no one could have ever imagined a couple months ago. Our teachers are on the front lines of both educating our kids and learning this brand-new technology and format. It’s stressful, difficult and oftentimes thankless! Consider reaching out to a teacher to pray for them, offer some encouragement and to see how you can help and support them. 

4. Partner with a local organization 
Think of the non-profits that live near you. For Doxa, it was just a matter of reaching out to folks we knew at Jubilee Reach and DCYF to see how we could help. You can do that too! Find an organization that means something to you and see if there is a need you and/or your MC can help meet. You can also continue to serve families in need by providing groceries to Jubilee Reach by signing up HERE.

5. Names and Faces
In February, the Doxa staff team started an initiative called “names and faces” where we each reach out to one person a week from Doxa to ask how we can pray for them and see if they need anything. We invite you to join us in this! Consider reaching out to someone either in or outside of Doxa to check in on them, pray for them and see if you can help them with anything. We’ve been so encouraged at the response we’ve received! You can check out the Doxa Needs FB group if you want to check in about specific things. 

6. 10-minute challenge
We all have non-believers in our life. Set aside 10 minutes a day to pray for at least one person in your life. Ask God to use you to bring his good news into their life. Reach out to them to ask how you can pray for them and to check in on how they’re doing. And then, follow up! Whether we have Jesus in our life or not, we are built and designed for community!