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ONWARD: Obedience is Better

I remember my dad teaching me a card game when I was a kid. I think it was "Hearts". He dealt the cards and explained the basic goal and rules of the game. A few turns in I played a card and he said, "nope can't do that; that's against the rules," and he explained a new rule. Then a few moves later he played a card and I yelled, "you can't do that!" but he said, "sure...

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ONWARD: God Stacks Small Things

Why our elders are excited for this new chapter in Doxa's story....

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Not Christmas Yet


What makes the Christmas season officially start for you? Thoughts on Doxa's first ever Christmas album....

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Commissioning Parents

Twelve and a half years ago, I remember opening our car door and buckling June into her car seat for the very first time. We'd just checked out from the hospital and were being sent home...all by ourselves. I couldn't believe they would just let us leave with her. We had no idea what we were doing! Since that first day in parenting, and with two boys added to the mix, we'...

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A Picture of Disciples Making Disciples


My relationship with Mark began at a Starbucks. I was the only one drinking coffee because he had some health issues and couldn't drink any. His wife, Kara, had been participating in our missional community for a few months and had also been through Journey Groups (which I help lead). Mark shared some of his story with me and I could tell he was hurting. He was a great a...

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What It's Like Coming Back


Like most days, the kids woke up first. I heard them giggling and playing down the hall way. I sat up in bed. I hadn't slept great, but I was already fighting the fogginess with anticipation that I'd be going to a gathering for the first time in eight months.I got dressed, packed my "work bag", scarfed down a quick bite for breakfast, chased the kids out the door, and took...

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Doxa's Response to Racism and Injustice


Our long-term vision for Doxa is simply this: a church that reflects, from the top down, the racial and ethnic diversity of our community and to bear witness to the Glory of God in Jesus Christ....

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When Will Doxa Resume Sunday Gatherings?


A few have asked about the timeline around us reopening Sunday gatherings at the John Danz building in downtown Bellevue. There are several factors that go into the reopening of "normal" Sunday gatherings. But first, I want to mention how we make decisions like this....

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A Brief Response to the Death of George Floyd


A brief response to the death of George Floyd....

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Communion at Home


A simple liturgy for celebrating communion in the home....

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