Kids start at 9:30a. Main gatherings at 10a + 6p.

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Doxa Students

Weekly updates for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic



Support your student's mental health

The last couple months have been crazy for all of us. The unique circumstances may have brought to the surface anxiety, depression, escapist behaviors, pornography, or other challenges for your student or their friends.

How do we start conversations with our teenagers about these important topics and point them towards Jesus? 

This week, our trusted friends at Axis are hosting a free mental health summit for parents of teenagers featuring 12 expert speakers including Tim Keller, Craig Groeschel, and more. 

Registration is free. Videos are available on demand. Would love to see you engage this opportunity. 

Read Weekly Resource: Pandemic Parenting - Teenagers

Upcoming Dates

  • Sun May 31st – Student Night (7p - 8:30p)
  • Sun June 7th – DNAs (12p - 1p)
  • Sun June 14th – DNAs (12p - 1p)
  • Note: The 7th - 10th Guys DNA (John/Chris) meet on Wednesday and the 7th - 8th Girls DNA (Anna/Hannah) meet on Thursday. All other DNAs meet on Sunday.


Our mission to make disciples in the everyday stuff of student life remains unchanged in quarantine. However, we’ve moved our student discipleship environments online and now have every other week Studnet Nights and DNA Groups. Learn more below.

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Student Nights

All of our 7th to 12th grade students gather together every other Sunday to support and celebrate what God is doing in our student DNA groups. It is a great opportunity for students to enjoy community, gospel-centered teaching, and DNA groups. We meet from 7p - 8:30p on Zoom.

DNA groups

DNA groups are the heartbeat of Doxa Students. In this environment, students connect in gender and age specific groups to discover truth about Jesus, nurture matters of the heart, and act on God’s word. Each student DNA is led by two adult leaders and meets digitally on Zoom every other Sunday.



Click the button above if you'd like more info on getting your student connected or email Adam Hillyer (Director of Student Discipleship).