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The Onward Campaign


A pivotal moment in our story.

For seven years we have lived in uncertainty. While we have enjoyed our downtown Bellevue location, being subject to the whims and decisions of our landlord has proven difficult and at times, a distraction from our mission. We've always dreamed and strategized that Doxa would one day own property, because it's better stewardship of our resources and the most effective way for us to accomplish what God has called us to.

God has provided an opportunity for Doxa to purchase and own a building right-sized for our church in a strategic location, central to the majority of our people at a below-market price. Learn more about the building here.

Doxa is known for our generosity. We have waited for a moment like this to come along since we began, to worship through sacrificial giving, and ultimately, secure a future for our church.

How are we hoping to use the building?

From the beginnning, we have longed for an everyday place for everyday mission. We discovered early in Doxa's story that because we leased the Danz building, legal barriers would prevent us from living out our desired uses of that space.

Moving toward owning this new space means that the sky is the limit. We already have plans for a huge increase in usage throughout the week, including opportunities like:

-hosting trainings for members and partner churches
-serving the foster care community with support events (like foster parents night out)
-partnering with local ministries and non-profits
-inviting those investigating Christ to outreach events
-discipling students in a dedicated space

Owning this building will provide Doxa with a permanent home for equipping the church on the Eastside, while saving significant expense compared to our current lease that can be redirected to meet Doxa’s growing staffing and ministry needs. 

How much is needed and when is it needed by?

Let's get right to it. Doxa needs $7M over the next 3 years to purchase the building and renovate for ideal long-term use. Of that $7M, $2.5M is needed as soon as possible, with a deadline of July 1, 2022. The sooner we have the $2.5M the sooner we can start saving money from owning (instead of renting) and the sooner we can make the renovations we need to maximize the use of the space.

We've met with experts in church fundraising and they have confirmed that this purchase price is an appropriate fit for our church size and annual budget, but it will take all of us.

What kind of donations are needed to get in to the space?


Does my current tithe count?

We are not asking you to give from your typical tithe, which is still needed to fund Doxa’s ongoing work. We are asking you to prayerfully consider giving a generous gift from your wealth as opposed to your income. 

Your support for the ONWARD project can be a gift of cash and/or appreciated assets (stock, other investments). This can be a one-time gift or can be pledged and given over the next three years.

How is the fundraising looking so far?

  • God has already provided $990,000 towards construction costs. 
  • God gave ua favor the inspection process to gain occupancy.
  • God has provided an agreed-upon purchase price, negotiated in 2020, which is already becoming a below-market price. An identical building just next to our Redmond building is up for lease/sale at 40% more cost.
  • 100% of Doxa’s leadership is committed to this and will give beyond their tithe to help make this a reality.

What are members being asked to do right now?

1.  Pray || Pray for God to generously provide for us to purchase this building. Pray that He would use this space as an outpost for His church to make disciples in the everyday stuff of life. Pray for favor in the contruction process in a crazy time of logistics and supply chain hardships.

2. Give || Start your 3-year pledge now with a cash gift or a non-cash asset (such as stock or other investments). You can also do a one time gift if you prefer, above and beyond your monthly tithe.

Can I donate non-cash items (stock, property, etc)?

Absolutely. Send an email to Tim ([email protected]) with the particulars and he will help outline next steps.

Can I help the projects around the building?

Definitely. We have LOTS of needs and small projects that can be tackled by anyone with ANY (not all) of the following skills:

-roller or trim painting
-basic DIY
-basic carpentry
-simple electrical wiring
-interior decorating

If you enjoy any of these types of activities or simply want to help, let us know!

Can I meet with a leader to ask questions?

Of course! You can reach out to your regional elder here or send us a message and we'll get back to you within a few business days. Also, feel free to speak with an elder or staff person at any of our gatherings.


Alright Doxa...onward!



When making a donation, please indicate on the drop down menu that you'd like your contribution to go the ONWARD campaign. Doxa Church is a recognized non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.