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Step 1: Review our teaching, statement of faith, and covenant membership documents.

Members also affirm that they agree with Doxa's Foundational Teaching, Statement of Faith and Membership Covenant.

Please note: to affirm the covenant you'll need to sign up for CCB, for our online community tool, because we want to be sure you know about what's happening around Doxa. 

Step 2: Fill out the Membership Affirmation Form.

Review the Membership FAQs below before filling out the Membership Affirmation Form. Click here to become a member. 



Step 3: Follow-up Interview

Your Missional Community leader will follow up with you to schedule an interview. This is designed to confirm that you are actively participating in the 4 Gs. 


What does it mean to be a member at Doxa Church?

Membership at Doxa represents our commitment to collectively live on Jesus' mission together in the everyday stuff of life. Together, as a family of believers, we commit to love one another, build each other up into Christ (Eph 4:15) and lead others to do the same. While all Christians are a part of the universal Church, God's word gives clear instruction to belong to a specific local church.

Some of the reasons and benefits of membership are detailed here. Becoming a member at Doxa means that you commit to participate in Doxa's mission. We define this by what we call the "4 Gs": (Gather, Go, Give, and Grow):

What are the 4 G's?

  • GATHER: Commit to gathering together regularly with the church body on Sundays.

  • GO: Be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples with others in a Missional Community.

  • GIVE: Support Doxa and serve the body with your time, talents, and treasure.

  • GROW: Meet regularly with a few others to encourage and equip you in growing up into Christ (DNA Groups).

What are the benefits of church membership at Doxa?

Membership is a great part of local church life. Being a member at Doxa helps our leaders know how to develop and disciple. We see the primary benefits as intentional pastoral care and priority in church resources,.

A brief but helpful explanation of some of the reasons and benefits of membership can be found at our blog, located here. Our members are committed to living for Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. If that's you, then thanks for joining us in Jesus' mission!

Do married couples apply together, or seperately for membership?

Married couples will apply seperately, but typically interview with their Missional Community leader together.

I want to become a member but my spouse does not. Can I be a member?

If you find yourself in this situation, contact your regional pastor for further conversation. Generally speaking, we allow a spouse to move through the membership process, even if their husband/wife is unable or uninterested. That said, it's a case-by-case decision.

I was a provisional member in 2015 at Doxa. Do I still need to walk through the new process?

Yes. Our provisional membership was created to establish a base of who would walk together in our very first year. Provisional membership ended for everyone on December 31, 2015. Begin the process by starting here.

Does Doxa ask members to pledge their contributions?

Yes, but we believe that financial giving, while essential, is not sufficient in the discipleship of a believer. Reflect and pray on how you'd like to grow in this next season, and what you'd like to give to the equipping and mission of Doxa.