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Thanks for exploring how membership works at Doxa! Below you'll find all the information you need to understand why we have membershjip, what we ask of our members, and the simple process for joining Doxa as a member.


Our members are truly the core of the church. We say it a lot, but the church is not a building...it's the people. To be even more specific, it's the members! Members at Doxa are invited to member meetings where they hear updates first, are given an opportunity to give their voice to the life of the church, and are invited to our member celebrations throughout the year.


Membership at Doxa represents our commitment to collectively live on Jesus' mission together in the everyday stuff of life. Together, as a family of believers, we commit to love one another, build each other up into Christ (Eph 4:15) and lead others to do the same. While all Christians are a part of the universal Church, God's word gives clear instruction to belong to a specific local church.

Biblically, membership is useful for many purposes. Here are the three most important reasons:

1. Defines the group of believers that our leadership is accountable for. (Hebrews 13:17-19)

2. Clarifies how and who our church should entrust their care to. (Hebrews 13:17-19)

3. Prioritizes allocation of limited church resources. (1 Timothy 5)

(Read more on why we do membership here.)



Step 1: Review our Membership Affirmation.

Read through the Membership Affirmation and fill out the Membership Form
to prepare for your member interview.



Step 2: Follow-up Interview

A current leader from Doxa will follow up with you to schedule a conversation. Forms are helpful but we want to see your face! This is designed to provide space for questions and confirm that you are participating in our rhythms of Sundays, Missional Community, serving, and giving.


I've heard that the rhythms of discipleship at Doxa are called the 4 G's. What are those?

  • GATHER: Commit to gathering together regularly with the church body on Sundays and in a Missional Community.

  • GROW: Meet regularly with a few others to encourage and equip you in growing up into Christ (we call these DNA Groups).

  • GIVE: Support Doxa and serve the body with your time, talents, and treasure.

  • GO: Watch for opportunities to be a witness and serve in the places you live, learn, work, and play. Be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples!


Do married couples apply together, or seperately for membership?

Married couples will apply seperately, but typically interview with a leader together.

I want to become a member but my spouse does not. Can I be a member?

If you find yourself in this situation, contact your regional pastor for further conversation. Generally speaking, we allow a spouse to move through the membership process, even if their husband/wife is unable or uninterested. That said, it's a case-by-case decision.

Does Doxa ask members to pledge their contributions?

Pledges are helpful so that we can project our financial picture and steward our resources to the maximum impact. As you can imagine, there are always a thousand ways for a local church to give resources to equipping it's members and a thousand ways to make the places we live, work, learn, and play look more like the kingdom.

Our major financial decisions are made by our whole elder board, and compensation is determined by our non-staff elders for transparency and integrity.

Giving is a significant part of a believer's discipleship, and that is likely even more true on the Eastside. Reflect and pray on how you'd like to grow in this next season, and what you'd like to give to the equipping and mission of Doxa. (give here)


Have a question not answered above? We'd love to hear from you.

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